F*cked by C4$t1eLL0 http://i43.tinypic.com/o89ixs.jpg

/>*Defaced by *C4St1eLL0*<\


your website has been defaced by C4St1eLL0!! However do not p4n1c as I me4n no h4rm we are just po1nt1ng out th1s s1te h4s secur1ty 1ssues and U neeD br41n :D.


/> [X] m m . r0cK [at] g4 j4uNg, Sp3c1aL gr33tz t0 my br0s TWO TWO,C0D3R,r00tsvr & all my MIRTs ^^:>
What should I Do?:

You're probably wondering why me? I'm insane in the dark side! Your website was h4cked due to secur1ty vulner4b1l1t1es. It was not hacked as a specific target. All of your files are safe.


/>*Defaced By C4$t1eLL0*<\


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