My son, Mac Morse and I were introduced to Kevin Murray in the Fall of 2009. I was immediately impressed with Kevin's direct, professional and honest approach  to helping boys grow into young men. I was struck by his knowledge of the collegiate game and the business of recruiting. I have two boys, one who plays Division I football and Mac who is interested in playing at the next level. I have been exposed to many camps, personal trainers, combines and the like through my boys, and I am confident to say Kevin is one of the best in the business.
Becoming a collegiate quarterback is so much more than just possessing a strong arm. Kevin obviously works on the technical fundamentals which he is excellent at teaching, but what's more important, he works on the mental and emotional aspects of becoming a quarterback and the demeanour a young man needs to possess to be a leader on the field.
I have observed Mac's technical skills improve immensely from, point of release, footwork, pocket presence, accuracy, timing of his release and much more. Mac has recently competed in several area combines, and without a doubt, Kevin's tutelage and guidance have been instrumental in how Mac has performed.  While Kevin will push an athlete to the limits, he is always positive and conscious of how a young man responds to the training. As a Dad, I have never been shy about my boys being pushed, but I have always wanted them to be treated fairly, honestly and objectively so that they may grow into quality young men. If you are a Dad, rest assured that your son is in great hands! If you are an athlete, and you are really serious about becoming a highly competitive quarterback, and you are willing to work hard, don't look anywhere else!
Scott Morse
Dallas, Texas
My son, Winston Gamso, has just completed his senior season as the quarterback at Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas.  Winston led his team to a 15-1 record and took the team all the way the Texas State 4A Finals.  After the close of the 2007 Season Winston was voted All State, Region II Offensive MVP, District 10 Co-MVP, District 10 Player of the Year and All Area in DFW.  Despite all of these accolades he wanted to be a better quarterback. We have worked with Kevin Murray for the past few months.  It is amazing how much Winston has learned in such a short time.  Kevin has taught him to be a better quarterback fundamentally, to utilize hisbody better and, essentially, to make better throws.  It is hard to believe that Winston could be as successful as he has been at the QB spot and still have a lot to learn.  Kevin Murray has taught Winston to be an even better quarterback by improving his mechanics, teaching him to understand the fundamentals of the throwing motion and even improving his posture.  All these things are leading to more consistent passes, tighter spirals and improved accuracy.  If this was not enough Kevin works with Winston on his footwork and his agility in the pocket.  All of this is essential if Winston wants to play quarterback at the collegiate level.
Tim  Gamso
Dallas, Texas
My 16-year-old son John has been working with Coach Murray for five months. John has worked with other quarterback coaches, attended local and national camps, and was considered a promising quarterback.  We thought John was playing at a high level and had excellent throwing
mechanics and footwork. However, Kevin has taken him to another level.
Coach Murray has completely retrained John in all aspects of quarterbacking. He started by changing and perfecting his throwing mechanics, which were not nearly as good as we thought they were.  Now, he throws like a college quarterback, consistently and accurately.  All the pass patterns are rehearsed to a fine precision so that there are no weaknesses in his passing armamentarium.   He constantly drills him on speed and agility, pocket presence, pass rush simulation, looking off defensive players, and receiver check-downs.  Often, these different elements are done simultaneously so as to simulate game situations.  All of the workouts are done with receivers from his team so that timing is perfected and drills are realistic. In addition to the physical training, Coach Murray also stresses mental preparation.  He and John review game film in order to learn reading defenses.  He teaches leadership qualities and character that are essential to successful quarterbacking.  He emphasizes the power of positive thinking and how to effectively handle adversity as a quarterback or as the team leader.  As a quarterback who played at the highest levels of football, Coach Murray knows the specific challenges of this position and teaches from real experience.
John�s goals are to learn and excel at the quarterback position and to play at the next level of competition in college.  Coach Murray is all about getting to the next level.  He understands the college recruiting process and develops individual plans for his students. The coaching sessions are every week or even more frequent and are individual workouts (along with the receivers).   This cannot be duplicated in any camp at any price.  All of this seems like hard work, but the boys have so much fun, they can�t wait for the next work out.
John Peloza
Dallas , Texas
Kevin Murray was one of the most talented, coachable, and athletic young men that I had the privilege of coaching.  He was a leader both on and off the field as well.
Lynn Amedee
Former Texas A&M Coach